Beautify Your Office With Plants

After spending countless hours working with consultants, architects, and interior designers, your new office building is finally complete. Yet, looking around , you sense that something is missing. The office is too angular—all straight lines and hard edges. You glance out the window at the rustling trees, and a realization dawns on you: Some of the outside must be brought inside.

Quality interior plants are an important design element in the workplace. The delicate foliage of a ficus tree softens the hard edge of a cubicle. Graceful arching fronds of the kentia palm serve as a living sculpture and articulate a prominent lobby entrance or reception area. A color bowl on a reception desk is a high style, longer-lasting alternative to cut flowers. A narrow dracaena at the end of a long hallway avoids the dead end of a blank wall.

Not only are interior plants rich in design possibilities, but they also provide a wealth of health benefits. Research indicates that in addition to producing oxygen, plants filter pollutants in the air, making a healthier work environment. Plants also absorb sound, create privacy, and lend a human scale to the office workspace which can aid in reducing stress.

For new construction or existing facilities
Making plantscapes a part of your building design process permits you to create a beautiful and practical environment. A qualified interior plant designer can work with you, your architects and interior designers to insure the plantings are woven into the overall office design. The design team can select plants and containers that will compliment the chosen color and texture palette or address space constraints.

This type of preplanning is not always possible. Interior plant professionals are adept at selecting quality plants and containers for existing floor plants

Available light and space will dictate the type and size of plants best suited for a given space. A well chosen plant will live longer and stay healthier.

The quality of the plant also affects its longevity. Very few interior plant companies grow their won plants. Most have cultivated relationships with reputable growers and brokers who provide acclimatized plants ready for the lower light of interior environments.

Once plans are selected and installed in an office, a plant service can maintain their health and vigor. Most plant services make weekly or biweekly visits to monitor soil moisture, clean foliage, remove unsightly foliage, check for disease or insects, and address any concerns you may have. Often, plant replacement specifications are part of the service agreement, so plants no longer acceptable are replaced at little or no cost to you.

The best reasons to work with a professional plantscape company are that you are able to enjoy a lovely living plant suited to your office environment and obtain the health benefits it provides, yet never have to lift a finger to keep it beautiful and alive

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